Information about entry to the Russian Federation for foreign students

Dear international students! Please see below the rules for the arrival of foreign students to the territory of the Russian Federation in 2021.

By order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated March 16, 2021 No. 639-р, foreign undergraduate students, PhD students, students of preparatory faculties are allowed to return to Russia to continue their studies. The procedure for the entry of students from abroad has been developed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and is regulated by methodological recommendations MP 3.1 / 2.1.0205-20 (approved by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare on July 29, 2020).

It is important that only foreign citizens of those countries recommended by Rospotrebnadzor as a country with a safe epidemiological situation will be able to enter Russia for studying. The list of countries is presented in Appendix No. 1 to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated March 16, 2020 No. 635-p. The list can be found at the link. It is updated regularly. For all foreign students-citizens from other countries, entry to study in Russia is closed.

SSTU constantly updates the list of foreign students from open countries who are allowed to enter Russia. The list is formed on the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (State Services). You can check the information on including you in the list for crossing the border of the Russian Federation on the State Services website, registration on this portal is required.

To successfully organize entry to Russia and return to classes, the following steps must be taken:

  1. 10 days prior arriving in Russia, SSTU foreign student must notify the International Relations Office by of the entry date into the Russian Federation.

  2. 3 calendar days prior arriving in Russia, the student must take a COVID-19 test by the polymerase chain reaction method and, if the result is negative, receive the corresponding document in Russian and English in his/her country.

  3. When entering the country, the student must have the original of this document.

  4. Upon arrival in the Russian Federation, the foreign student is in quarantine and within 3 calendar days after entry must pass the second polymerase chain reaction test (tests can be done at Gemotest, INVITRO). Before receiving the test results, the student must observe the self-isolation regime at the place of residence. Without the second test, foreign students are not allowed to full-time education (for those living in the hostel, the observation facility has been organized, those living in rented apartments must stay at their place of residence). During the period of isolation, studies take place online.

  5. If the foreign students arriving in Russia develop the first symptoms of an acute respiratory illness (fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough) during the period of self-isolation, they should immediately inform the university about this and call a doctor.

  6. After receiving a negative result of the second test, the student can start studying offline in classes.

  7. Copies of medical documents in Russian or English, confirming negative test results, must be submitted to the International Relations Office and to the directorate of the institute.


Daria Cherchimtseva, Acting Head of the International Relations Office

Tel./fax: +7(8452)99-86-67 (English)



Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov

77 Politechnicheskaya street, Saratov, Russia, 410054