We will help you find housing according to your personal and financial needs. There are many options available for year-round housing, including school-supervised dormitories, individual apartments, and living with a Russian host family.
Student’s hostel (about 80$ per month)

The hostel rooms are usually shared by two or three international students. Each floor has a common room for meeting and talking to your neighbors. There is bed linen at the dorm, small towel and not much of kitchen stuff. Please mind that you might need the following: bigger towels, hair dryer, cups, forks etc. If you would like to cook yourself you could use the common kitchen or have your meal in a great number of cafes. Rest rooms and showers are also for common use.

There is Wi-Fi in the lobby of the dorm so hopefully your laptops will connect to Internet.

You will live in approximately 5 minutes of walk from the University main buildings.

You also have an opportunity to live with a host family or in an individual apartment.

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