How to get to Saratov

 Saratov is situated about 900 km (ca. 600 miles) from Moscow. 
Every day there are two direct trains leaving Moscow (Paveletsky Station) for Saratov. The trains are safe but that doesn’t mean you leave your luggage unattended!  

Every day there are several flights from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo (Moscow) to Saratov.

As both prices and time-tables are subject to change, please ask before you go! We have Moscow time in Saratov.  

Once you arrive to the airport and collect your luggage you will need to take aero-express train to Moscow city center. If you travel from Domodedovo Airport the train arrives to Paveletsky Train Station  in 35 minutes. This is the train station you will catch your train to Saratov. If your flight arrives to a different airport, please let us know and we will explain you how to get to Train station.  

We recommend that you will print the jpeg file with the note we made for which says that you need to exchange you electronic tickets to hard copies (actual paper-based tickets). You can show it to anyone who works at the station and they will help you to find your way. Remember you do not have to queue to issue your tickets. Just show your electronic printed versions and passports. Once you get your hard copies of tickets proceed to boarding the train. The schedule boards at the Station will show your train number, platform and time of departure. Usually you can board 40-50 minutes before departure. If you have time before train get some food with you as you there will be only restaurant in the train which is expensive and only accepts cash.
To help you with explanations please send us copies of your tickets or the following information: