International students feedback

My name is Nader Amr

I studied Russian at SSTU. I had good teachers, so it was easy for me to learn Russian. I had a great time at SSTU. I liked the way we were treated. I was not sad about home! They also have excellent methods of socializing foreigners.

I also want to say about the beautiful city called "SARATOV". I loved this city very much. There are many museums and wonderful places in Saratov. There is the Volga river there. I loved walking along the Volga embankment, there is a very nice and beautiful view. This was my favorite place. I had a great time in Saratov. I fell in love with both Saratov and Russia. I am now in Egypt continuing my studies at one of the best Egyptian universities. This is the "MUST" university. I'm studying to be an engineer, but I really miss Russia and want to visit it soon.

My name is Khaled Elshafei

I came from Egypt to Russia to study oil and gas engineering. I chose Russia, firstly, because I have friends here, and secondly, there is a very good education in Russia.

I am grateful to the Saratov State Technical University for accepting me to study, and to my teachers, for helping me to learn Russian.

Amer Amer

I decided to come to Russia because I had an interest in this country and in the Russian people, and I also wanted to learn their language. Besides, getting a diploma in the specialty "Oil and Gas Engineering" has always been my dream. The rich history and culture of Russia has always intrigued me, I decided to visit it to learn more about it. The best leisure time at the university is social participation, attending and organizing an event. We used to do this with groupmates, and then we all became friends.


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