Useful tips


• Applicants and students of the University will be assisted by English-speaking students and/or staff. A representative of the SSTU International Department will be available to answer all your questions at the office hours.

• You have different opportunities to have your meal. Saratov State Technical University has canteen and student cafe. Common kitchens where you can cook according to your needs are available at each floor of student's hostel. There is a great number of Russian and ethnic restaurants all around the city. The dinning costs are not included in the program tuition. Participants should expect to spend 1-2 Euro per meal at campus cafe or some more (3-4 Euro) in downtown. 


• 220 V 

Computers & Internet

• Every participant of the School is provided by free access to Computer classes at Saratov State Technical University. And also there is wide variety of Internet cafes in the city. 


The climate in Saratov is moderate, typical of the Lower Volga region. In the past winters were very cold, and frost and snow were common, but more recently that seems to have changed. The city still occasionally suffers intensely cold weather when the temperature falls to -28°C, but generally winters are not very cold - it is much more likely to rain (especially around New Year's Eve, so white Christmases are a long-awaited event here as well). If visiting Saratov in winter, you should take a raincoat and good waterproof shoes, otherwise walking on the sleety pavement can be hazardous. During the second half of winter the weather becomes stable with thick snow cover and moderate frost.

Between the end of December and the beginning of April, the Volga is covered with firm, durable ice thick enough for people to go ice-fishing.  

Summer can be crazy in the Saratov region. Rains are almost as frequent as sunny and hot days. The latter come in the second half of July and stay until the end of summer. These days the weather sometimes gets sweltering; fortunately we have many beaches on the Volga banks and islands which make good places to escape the exhausting heat. Thus, +35°C and low humidity at daytime are normal for this part of the season.

• Freezing months: 5 (0°C / 32.0°F and below)
• Cold months: 2 (0°C / 32.0°F to 10°C / 50.0°F)
• Cool months: 2 (10°C / 50.0°F to 20°C / 68.0°F)
• Warm months: 3 (20°C / 68.0°F to 30°C / 86.0°F)
• Hot months: 0 (30°C / 86.0°F to 40°C / 104.0°F)
• Boiling months: 0 (40°C / 104.0°F and above)

Public Transport

• Saratov is a big city but the public transportation is well developed here so you could travel by bus, tram or trolleybus without any problems.
• Besides in Saratov you can travel by marschrutkas. Marschrutka is a minibus that carries maximum 15 people and goes faster than any other passenger vehicle.
The trolleybus and tram are ecologically clean electric transports. They are not very fast but cheap and safe. Traveling by bus costs 12 rubles, and traveling by tram or trolleybus costs 12 rubles.
Russian young
• Russian young people are open-minded and easygoing. Just like everywhere in the world Russian youth wears the same clothes, watches the same movies, listens to the same music. Here you could find good friends and spend a nice time in the variety of nightclubs and coffeehouses. There are places in Saratov where you can grab beer, listen to the music, dance, hang out with friends, even play pool or bowling, and, of course, meet new friends.
Shops, drugstores and markets
• Here in Saratov you can satisfy all you needs in food, medicine and clothes. There are many shops and drugstores here. Usually shops in Saratov are opened from 9:00 or 10:00 a.m., Mondays through Saturdays, till 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. Our shops are for every taste and purse. It's typical for any Russian town to have many open air markets where you can buy everything you want from food to clothes. Food here is organic, ecologically clean and very cheap because Russian farmers grow it on their own land and take good care of it. Markets are opened every day, including weekends, from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00pm. Although you have to be very careful: markets are always crowed with people and it is good way for thieves to steal your purse. Please, try to keep your money at inside pockets of your clothes or just hold the money tightly.
If something happens to you and you need some medicine you would find a drugstore without any problems. The price range varies from cheap but rather effective medicine produced in Russia to expensive famous international brands
• Unfortunately credit cards are not very useful in provincial cities and it's better to have cash which you can exchange for Russian rubles in every bank. Also you can use your credit cards at some stores (you can see the information about the service on the entrance).