Visa Requirements
International students need a standard student visa. To apply for a visa, you must go to the Russian embassy or consulate in your country with our invitation. To get an official invitation you have to do the following:
• Fill in on-line Application Form;
• Send via e-mail ( clear distinguished photocopy of the first two pages of your national passport which has to be valid at least six months;
• After that you’ll get a contract via e-mail;
• You have to sign it if the conditions are suitable for you and send it back to the International Relations Office also via e-mail;
• Then you’ll transfer tuition fee at your native place;
• You wait for official invitation during a month;
• You’ll arrange express delivery of an official invitation if it’s necessary for visa;
• You have to go to Russian Embassy/Consulate to apply for a visa.  

Please, contact Russian embassy/consulate for terms and other documents required for a visa application.
Filling out the visa application, be sure to print your name, address and other information in English exactly how it appears in your passport. Be sure, that all information is accurate and that your name is spelled correctly.  

The visa is stamped into your passport. It indicates the first date you may enter Russia and the last date you must leave the country, but it is possible to prolong your visa while you are in Saratov. According to the Law of Russian Federation, all SSTU students should be registered within three business days upon the arrival to Saratov with assistance of International Relations Office. To do it you need a migration card that you've got at the border.