My experience in Saratov
I decided for this language course because of two reasons.  First I wanted to prepare for the TORFL test in order to study a semester in Saratov as my university in Austria offers an exchange programme and second to experience the culture and life in Russia.
Christmas Celebration for International Students

The growing number of international students studying in the SSTU increases the cultural diversity of student populations. The social integration is important for international students – leaving university with their friends. Some successful universities invest in enabling intercultural interaction between Russian and international students.

Extra Class Activities of Nigerian Students
Hi, I would like to give a brief information about a day being celebrated by the people in Saratov. I learnt it is known as the 'The Battle of Stalingrad' it was the 70th celebration and was was celebrated in February this year. I was happy to be a part of the celebration. I and my friends were taken to the mountains to join other people in celebrating.
The International Internet Festival of Young Scientists
Saratov State Technical University (SSTU), Russia invites you to participate in The International Internet Festival of Young Scientists Young Scientists for Innovations: Shaping the Future will be held in Saratov, Russia on April,  27-29, 2011.
Nigerian Students: Life at SSTU
Welcome, my name is Kolawole Olusola from Nigeria, am an undergraduate in Saratov State Technical University. Am honored to be a student of this university because SSTU is one of the largest and leading universities in Russia.
Opportunities for International Applicants
Saratov International Language School (SILS) provides a range of support for international applicants. SILS programmes are designed to help students to learn and improve in all areas of their Russian language. The programmes are multinational, so there are lots of opportunities to practise Russian and mix with people and cultures from around the world.
Impressions of SSTU Postgraduate Lilia Ivanova
Courses at Sussex at all levels are particularly popular amongst students from Russia<br>Previously to Sussex when I was in Russia I worked on an interdisciplinary research project on natural language processing.
Maslenitsa is traditionally a Russian event
To help international students understand the traditions celebrated in Russia, Omur, Hoang and Thang became involved in Maslenitsa. The event was held in SSTU, with a marquee programme featuring exclusive performances, a presentation of Maslenitsa traditions, with performances of folk songs by student's group (Gzhelochka) and plenty of sport competitions, games and fun.
Winter free time
The climate of Saratov is varied and seasonal.<br>Weather in Saratov can range from -30 degrees Celsius to +30 degrees Celsius.<br>In winter snowfall is abundant. A number of winter sports including ice skating and skiing are possible.<br>There are many trails and mountains to ski.<br>Students are invited to university ski village during the winter vacation.
New Year is a famous winter holiday in Russia
Learning Russian at Russian universities is a special experience. International students meet with local students, this gives them an opportunity to learn Russian culture and society.
Saratov State Technical University and University of Ulster
An important step for developing of international cooperation in engineering education was made on the 25th of August, 2011. Rector of SSTU, Professor Igor Pleve and rector of the University of Ulster, Professor Richard Barnett (Belfast, United Kingdom) signed an agreement about cooperation.
Studying at the University is not Just Getting a Degree
Studying at the University is not just getting a degree, competences and skills - it is also a unique opportunity to make acquaintance with new interesting persons, to grow and develop individual creativity.
SSTU  Receives Prestigious HP Catalyst Award to Foster Innovative STEM Education Collaborations Globally
Saratov State Technical University  (Saratov), Russia, June 27, 2011  today announced it has been awarded a grant to participate in the HP Catalyst Initiative, a global social innovation program designed to develop more effective approaches to science, technology, engineering an
We are glad to introduce you Mr. Thomas Anthony Weymes from Ireland…
We are glad to introduce you Mr. Thomas Anthony Weymes from Ireland, who has come to SSTU for the second time in order to improve his skills in Russian.
Russian experience of Laetitia Montagne
My name is Laetitia. I'm from France and I study communication, medias, and how to manage cultural projects in the University of Montpellier, a city in southern France. I'm now packing my luggage, after one year passed in Russia. Exactly in Saratov. It's a big city full of surprises. I first met this city in 2008 when I worked in a summer camp near to Saratov.
Turkish attendee of Master preparation course Mr. Mehmet Arslan with his impressions of Maslenitsa, Russian Spring holiday
This year we celebrated Maslenitsa in the Saratov state technical university's international office. It was wonderful. Thank persons who work in the international office for invited us to Maslenitsa celebration and show us their tradition.
One of our Turkish students Fatih Onur Guruz  gives a description of the lessons of Russian
We learn Russian every day. We are three students in class. We didn't know each other in Turkey: I live in Istanbul, Mustafa and Onur  live in Denizli. When I arrived in Saratov I met them and we became  friends. Every day we learn something in Russian. We do exercises, read texts, ask each other questions. When I arrived in Saratov I didn't know Russian at all.
Russian winter - it's fantastic!
Every country has its own climate peculiarities. Russia - as well. Our international students from Nepal and Bangladesh have made sure of this fact. Much snow and minus 25 degrees are not common for them. But everything unusual attracts very much. They have got a great experience living in Saratov!
Happy new year!
It's very important to know traditions and habits of the country where you study and live now. International Department of the University has organized a New Year performance for our international students from Nepal and Bangladesh. They have met with Russian Father Frost, sung Russian New Year song, played games.
Holidays in Russia
It's very interesting to know traditions of the country, and a holiday is a good way to become closer to natives.

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