Students of Russian Summer School “Russian with friends” go deeper into Russian culture and history

Students of Russian Summer School “Russian with friends” go deeper into Russian culture and history 22.07.2016

Students of Russian Summer School “Russian with friends” attended lots of different interesting and exciting events while studying. 

On July 9th students from Egypt, Jordan, Congo, Morocco, Ruanda and Turkmenistan visited Tarkhany  a Writer's residence museum in a Russian estate where the romantic writer Mikhail Lermontov spent his childhood and was buried.  The students listened to the guide very attentively, walked round the park, apple and cherry  gardens and had some rest by the pond. They also wrote a review about their impressions in the museum’s guest book.

On July 12th the participans of summer school visited sports camp Polytechnic. Students from Egypt and Jordan got acquainted to the camp and to Russian students and discussed with them the studying at SSTU. All of them swam in the river, rode catamarans and played table tennis.  The tutor Ms. Nadezhda Avdeeva used a creative approach to teaching Russian as a foreign language and gave her students a chance to practice newly acquired knowledge.

At weekend they travelled to Khvalynsk , where they visited the museum of a famous artist Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and the Museum of Forest, took part in an eco walk through the National park. 

And on 23rd of July the group of Russian Summer School will travel to Kazan. This city is also called “the third capital of Russia”. The students and their tutors will get an amazing tour around Kazan’s tourist attractions, including Kazan Kremlin, Suumbike tower, Kul Sherif mosque and many other places of interest.

The program really helped students to break the ice while talking Russian and easily memorize new Russian words.

All this cultural programs and events help foreign students to integrate into the Russian culture and mentality. Travelling round Russia’s cities gives an opportunity to dive into Russian traditions, feel comfortable in Russia and at SSTU. 

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