Research themes

Study and innovation

Researchers of SSTU are making significant contributions to technical, social and economic wellbeing across a broad range of work.

Our research has been translated into practical applications, transforming lives and making a real impact on society. This will be further enhanced and disseminated through the university's new research strategy.

Research Focus

From the atomic-scale breakthroughs in nanotechnology to system-changing solutions that ensure global sustainability, we are focused on day-to-day achievements and committed to tomorrow's success.

Research Themes

01B Mathematical modeling of natural and technical sciences
Head Professor Zemlyanukhin

02V Nanotechnology and New Materials Technology
Head - Professor Gorokhovsky

03V Models and methods for developing information systems, intelligent
Head Professor Sytnik

04B Development of scientific bases of secure telecommunications and information and intellectual technologies in the field of electronics, nanoelectronics, energy, mechatronics and control engineering, navigation and socio-economic systems
Head Professor Brovkova

05V Development of scientific principles to create, optimize and improve the effectiveness of the new system of high energy systems based on combined cycle and nuclear energy technologies, production, efficient distribution and consumption of electricity and heat
Head Professor Aminov

06V Energy efficient system of production, conversion, transmission and distribution of electricity
Head Professor Artyukhov

07V Theoretical Electrical and Electronics
Head Professor Sivyakov

08B Development of a new generation of electro-technological facilities, equipment and processes to handle the media, materials and products
Head Professor Archangelskiy

09B Design and engineering support launch vehicle and transport equipment of the new generation on the basis of new basic industrial resource-saving technologies of precision mechanical and combined processing and structural composite nanomaterials and information technology training to computer-assisted manufacturing
Head Professor Davidenko

10B Development of scientific bases for the creation of new materials, nano-Saving Technologies and equipment for the food, chemical, machine building, light industry and instrument
Head Dr. Ostroumov

11B Development of modern technologies and materials for energy saving, reliability and safety of architectural and construction industry
Head Professor Ivashchenko

12B Development of methods of calculation, design and computer simulation of unique construction and transport facilities
Head Professor Petrov

13B Development of theoretical and methodological foundations of design, service, transport technology, reliability and security auto-totransportnyh funds, building and road machines
Head Professor Denisov

14B Improved chemical engineering and mechanical engineering industries using mathematical modeling, optimization and control
Head Professor Biryukov

15B study fundamental biological and ecological and geo-ecological functioning of the laws of nature and man-made systems, security, disaster prevention, the development of tourism (regional and global aspects)
Head Associate Professor Ivanov

16B Intercultural communication as a factor of national security
Head Professor Lobacheva

17B study of socio-economic, organizational and management issues in Innovation Development
Head Professor Sankova

18B Development of human problems in the modernization of social development
Head Professor Borshchov

19B Philological communication problems
Head Professor Risinzon

20V during term process of identity formation as a subject of labor
Head Associate Professor Eygelis

21B challenges of globalization in urban and regional development: the formation of cohesion of the Russian society
Head Professor Yarskaya-Smirnova

22B of the theoretical and practical aspects of urban development, architecture and design of the architectural environment
Head Associate Professor Dyadchenko

23B synergetic paradigm in theoretical and historical cultural studies
Head Professor Voloshinov