Engels Technological Institute (branch of SSTU)

tel: +7 8452 99-87-09
e-mail: igo1962@mail.ru
17, Svoboda square Engels Saratov Region 413100 Russia

Engels Technological School (ETS) is a branch of Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov. It is located in the centre of Engels, on the left bank of the great Russian river Volga, and occupies one of the most beautiful historical buildings of the town. Durable red brick building dating back to the end of the 19th century still houses people nowadays. The history of the School dates back to 1956. More than 11 000 engineers graduated from this higher educational establishment. They compose the base of engineering corps not only of Engels, but the Saratov region and neighboring regions of Russia. There are three schools and 15 academic departments, including The School of Technology, The School of Mechanical Engineering, and The Division of Correspondence Education.
Tuition is guaranteed by highly qualified professors. Among them there are 24 Doc/Ph in Engineering, 106 associate professors, 19 full professors and 59 assistant professors. The School offers a wide range of Bachelor's degrees. Over 2000 students study on a full¬time and part-time basis.
ETI has six branches in the industry, such as Trolza Ltd, Scientific Research and Design School Gasdobycha, industrial enterprise Signal, EPAM Systems, Metalconstruction Plant. There are also two experimental laboratories, the Technopark Department, the Centre of Continuing Education, Informational Centre, University Library with 150000 volumes fund.
Our academic staff specialize in the following research areas: Increasing the Efficiency of Mechanical, Physical and Technical Metal Treatment, Modern Technologies of Food Production , Raw Materials, Food Processing, Energy and Resources Saving in the Chemical and Food Production, New Compositional Materials, Chemistry, Functional Galvanotechnics, Purification and Control of Environment, Non-waste and Resource-saving Production Technologies, Innovation Elaborations of Scientists of our School: Fireproof Impregnation of Fabrics and Clothes, Ion Exchange Fibres, Polymer Constant Magnets, Fireproof Light Transparent Constructions, Laminated-Bulletproof Glasses, Basaltoplastics.
Engels Technological School invites partners for beneficial relations in the field of education, research and student exchange.

Bachelor's degrees (ECTS)
• Machine Building (240)
• Technological Machines and Equipment
• Technical and Constructional Provision of Machine-Building Industries (240)
• Science and Technology of Materials (240)
• Energy and Resource-Saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Oilchemistry and Biotechnology (240)
• Industrial safety (240)
• Chemical Technology (240)
• Design of Light Industry Garments (240)
• Technology of Light Industry Garments (240)
• Design (240)
• Informatics and Computer Engineering
• Business Informatics (240)
• Management (240)

After 4 years of study for the BSc those who are interested in research and teaching have an option to continue the course of studies for two years leading to a Master's degree.

Master's degrees (ECTS)
Chemical Technology (120)