Institute of Business Development and Strategic planning

tel: +7 8452 39-30-30  
9, Gorkogo Street Saratov 410054 Russia

Institute of Business   Development and Strategies (IRBIS) is a part of Yuri Gagarin State Technical   University of Saratov. Since 1990 we have been producing practitioners in   business. IRBIS is the only institution offering degrees in business in Saratov   and the Saratov region. It can boast a combination of high academic level and   professional developments that suits business requirements.

IRBIS carries out Life-long education, which is in line with the European education program. Our students start their business education in IRBIS Business College and proceed higher degrees at the University level. After graduation and at the beginning of their carrier they can come to IRBIS Business School to refresh their knowledge and skills. They can take MBA program or upgrade their skills through courses, modules, seminars and training programs.

Much attention is devoted to studying foreign languages. We offer a course in Higher Education for Business. Students of this program can undertake an internship in the major European universities or gain valuable experience applying their knowledge in the field trips abroad as part of training. Our students may have an option to attend lectures in economics-related subjects in English and to study business English.

One of the tools helping our undergraduates to study English is Burlington English course, offered by only a few universities in Saratov. This is an interactive system of studying English that helps to develop listening and speaking skills. It prepares students to everyday communications in English.   

IRBIS is a base for Innovative Business Centre — a site uniting young scientists and inventors and business angels. Start¬ups can use it for getting educational and consulting services, for applying their technical inventions and turning the ideas into business projects, for preparing business plans, making presentations and finding financial aid. Innovative Business Centre also gives our students an opportunity to realize their business projects and make the first steps in setting up their own business.    

Bachelor's degrees (ECTS)

• Advertising and Public Relations (240)     
• Linguistics (240)    
• Business management (240)
• HR management (240)
Master's degrees (ECTS)

• MBA (120)