School of Urbanistics, Civil Engineering and Architecture

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The School of Urbanistics, Civil Engineering and Architecture provides education for students interested in creating infrastructures for humans.
The School offers several Bachelor's degrees on a full-time and part-time basis.
The School also offers a two-year Master's degree program in Civil Engineering(120).
Our graduates are prepared for professional careers upon completion of their degrees. The range of careers open to engineering students is constantly broadening as the industry diversifies.
The degrees in Architecture and Architectural Space and Design typically require five years of full-time residency. Civil Engineering education requires four years of a full-time and five years of a part-time study and offers the following degree programs: Civil Engineering Materials, Products and Structures; Industrial and Civil Engineering; Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation; Water Supply and Disposal; Transportation Engineering and Real Estate Management and Expertise.

Graduates with the degrees in Industrial and Civil Engineering (240) have shown themselves to be well positioned for work in research, engineering and building companies and in the fields of monitoring and expertise.

Students completing their degrees in Civil Engineering Materials (240), Products and Constructions go on to a career in building industry, certification centers, design and research institutes. They are able to control the manufacturing of engineering materials and products (heat-insulating, sound-absorbing and finishing materials and reinforced concrete products).
Graduates of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation (240) are prepared for professional careers in the heat and gas supply and ventilation sector.

A degree in Water Supply and Disposal (240) provides a solid foundation for a career in water treatment. Graduates are able to design and build purification and treatment facilities, develop water management and conservation projects.
A degree in Transportation Engineering (240) covers a full spectrum of activities concerning design and development of transportation facilities, including highways and airports.

Students graduating from the Real Estate Management and Expertise (240) are able to work in the spheres of management, research, expertise and real estate pricing. Joining our School is a perfect investment in the future as employment opportunities within the field are very high.

The School also has  Department of Ecology,  Department of Geoecology and Geological Engineering, Department of Tourism Management, Department of Physical Education and Health.

Graduates in Ecology and Environmental Management and Environmental Engineering and Water Management can join a team of environmental specialists in any company.

A degree in Energy and Resource Management enables students to solve scientific problems in the fields of petrochemistry and chemical technology.

Graduates of a degree program in Service and Tourism have excellent job opportunities in the fields of tourism, catering and in the hotel industry.

Presently, new degrees in Land Management and Land use and Cadastral Survey and the Petrolium engineering have been introduced.