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The School of Physics and Technology has been founded in 2009 and offers several study programs.
A degree in Technical Physics focuses on two main areas:

1. Physical Optics and Quantum Electronics
The research interests of the faculty members center around laser and fiber-optic systems. The main research areas are the creation of wide-band fiber-optic communication lines, high-speed information processing systems, microwave optoacoustics, optoelectronics and acoustoelectronics.
2. Physical and chemical materials
Major research areas include the development of new materials such as nanocomposite and nanostructured materials, which possess unique service and technological properties. These can be used in production of devices used for accumulation, storage and conversion of energy and information.
Applied Mathematics and Informatics (240)
This degree applies mathematics and information technologies to different areas of engineering, such as aerospace engineering, civil engineering, ship and automobile construction.
System Analysis and Management Engineering (240)
Information technologies and mathematical methods are widely used in system modeling and system analysis. This course teaches how to use these methods in order to manage technical, economic and social systems. 

A degree program in Environmental safety is aimed at students who are interested in disaster studies or risk analysis and who like the prospect of working in the Emergency Control Ministry or Environmental Police.  
The school offers Bachelor's and Master's programs. Students will acquire thorough knowledge and gain practical experience in all of the above fields. All the degrees are multidisciplinary, so the graduates can apply their knowledge in various fields of science and engineering.
A wide range of industry links and business partnerships give our students access to the leading research organizations in Russia and in a range of European countries and the Americas.
The school also provides 10 postgraduate degrees in Phisics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering.
The school members include 20 full professors and 33 Associate Professors with PhD who work within fully equipped laboratories.
The graduates of this faculty are adapted to a range of areas that extend to scientific and engineering organizations, including spheres of industry, medicine, education and banking.