School of Social and Industrial Management

School of Social and Industrial Management

The School of Social and Industrial Management provides a solid foundation in the key fields of knowledge for students from undergraduate to graduate and post-graduate degrees. The School offers a wide range of degree programs on a full-time and part-time basis, in Economics, Innovation Management Trade Management. The  School also provides degree programs in humanities and social sciences, a variety of Degrees, such as Psychology, Record Management, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Social Anthropology and Social Work.

All our programs are industry-oriented and equip students with the specific knowledge and skills essential for their future career.

An outstanding choice of sport, leisure and other extracurricular activities is offered to our students. They participate in various concerts and competitions, often taking first prizes.  

The School  has a strong focus on research and development. Students get involved in research activities at the early stages of their aducation. The most motivated graduates are given an opportunity to join postgraduate courses. 

The research profile of the school is well developed. The school research centers and laboratories make up a good basis for research projects in the fields of history, cultural studies, philosophy of science, social philosophy, social policies, social anthropology, social psychology, psychology of management, and social work studies.

The school provides study programs for high school children in the Applied Arts. It also has an Art Studio for children.  

Students graduating from the school go into a range of careers. Some students choose to work in research and development, and some choose other career options such as education, social management, social services, culture, mass media, record management and consulting. Within of growing service sector, students graduating from the school are highly employable.