Stories of success

Kim Christiansen from Norway: «Saratov is a beautiful city»
Kim Christiansen, a Norwegian citizen, studying the Russian language at Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, is eager to continue his education here, in Russia.
Patrick, radio engineering student
Hello, I’m Patrick and I am doing radio engineering at Saratov State Technical University. Last two weeks I finished my first challenging but exciting semester.
My first semester was really an exciting experience
This was difficult, but I survived, I passed with flying colours and was very happy.
Patrick Rukerikibaye: "It’s my pleasure to be a student of this great university "
It’s my pleasure to be a student of this great university because it’s one of the biggest and leading universities in Russia which offers a high degree of education.
Apurba’s story
My name is Debnath Apurba, I came from Bangladesh. I want to tell you my story, how I began a new life in Russia. I arrived in Moscow on the first of October in 2007. It was a sunny day, but it seemed to me very unusual, I saw Moscow for the first time.
The first-level certificate at Saratov
Saratov State Technical University is a bustling, hardworking campus where, like technical universities everywhere, the students give the impression that the day isn’t long enough to fit in the demands of the course. It’s in this spirit that Saratov offers you the prospect of working to attain one of the levels of the famous Russian State System for testing and evaluating students learning Russian as a foreign language.

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