Rector's Greeting

Dear friends!

Choosing the right university can be a difficult task. Besides finding the right course, you will want to consider a university’s reputation, its location, facilities, study costs and other factors.

Our university is famous for its well organized structure and qualified staff and is ready to offer you a very high level of education and world-class programs as well.

SSTU is a unique place to build your future. It's also a place where you find all the diversity, excitement and opportunity life has to offer.

Engineering degrees aim to provide good positions in engineering and technology, while inculcating an engineering method and approach that enable graduates to enter the world of work and tackle “real world” problems creatively. The best engineering degrees achieve the right balance between scientific and technical understanding and their practical application to problem-solving. Graduates with these skills are highly attractive to industry, having the relevant, marketable skills that the government is seeking to promote.

SSTU offers a wide range of main engineering disciplines, and is constantly evolving in line with the growing demands of engineering education. The field of engineering, covers everything from aerospace engineering to sustainable energy research, software design and robotics.

At SSTU, you can explore your interests, gain new perspectives and get the edge you need to build a dynamic future.

No matter what your reason maybe for visiting, we are happy to meet you and I hope you will make the most of your time here. We invite you to learn more about us and to become a part of our vibrant and growing community.

Engineering degrees meet all the requirements for the future!

Great learning!

Great experience!

Great future!

Professor Igor Pleve,