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Foreign students of SSTU visited Victory Park

Foreign students of SSTU visited Victory Park

As part of a program of the socio-cultural adaptation with the support of the Committee of public relations and tourism of the administration of municipal formation “Saratov City”, foreign students were given a tour at the ethnographic complex "National Village of the Peoples of the Saratov region".

The students were told about the specifics of lifestyle, national customs and traditions of the peoples who lived and live in the region. The tour was continued with the walk at the territory of the park. The foreign students were amazed by the number of the exhibits of the Second World War.

The students broadcast the excursion for friends from their native countries. Students from Egypt, Sudan, Mauritania, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Morocco took part in the excursion.

Freshman from Sudan, Younis Ahmed said:

"The park is enormous, there are many exhibits. I’d like to stay here for long, to see everything as best as possible. Thanks to the university for such an amazing tour".