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Meeting with foreign students of SSTU took place

Meeting with foreign students of SSTU took place

The meeting with the international students of the Saratov State Technical University took place aimed at the harmonization of interethnic relations and the prevention of inter-confessional conflicts in the youth environment.

Anna Strogova, Vice-rector for Socio-educational work, Timofey Leshchenko, Head of Department on Work with Ethnic and Religious Organizations of ministry of internal policy and public relations of the region, Evgeniya Tokareva, Head of International Relations Department, Galina Kuznetsova, representative of Center of counteraction to extremism of Main department of Internal Affairs of Russia in Saratov region, priest Andrey Solodko, Head of Missionary Department of Saratov diocese of Russian Orthodox Church.

Anna Strogova made a welcoming speech, who noted the importance of events of such a format. Timofey Leshchenko emphasized inter-confessional pre-conflict situations and drew attention to the prevention of the penetration of ideology of extremism and terrorism into the student environment.

Evgeniya Tokareva told about the work, events and projects implemented under the program of socio-cultural adaptation of foreign students, the formation of a healthy and friendly atmosphere among students. As a reminder, more than 500 international students from 38 countries study at the University.

"We know that international students need to be provided with not only high quality education, but also decent social conditions and opportunities for self-realization. We acquaint students with history, culture and traditions of our multinational country because cultural adaptation of a foreign student in the country, city and university where he or she studies is an important aspect. The SSTU strongly encourages international students to live a rich and interesting life and easily adapt in a new cultural environment," Evgeniya Tokareva noted.

During the meeting, participants talked about tolerance, respectful attitude to representatives of other ethnicities and religions, the need to support and develop good neighborly relations between peoples and confessions in the region, as well as asked questions of interest to them.