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Shoshin Evgeny Aleksandrovich

Shoshin Evgeny Aleksandrovich

Candidate of Technical Sciences
Associate Professor at the Department of Constructional Materials and Technology


  • Published over 100 papers and 10 patents of the Russian Federation, including 38 articles in foreign and Higher Attestation Commission-reviewed journals - for the last 8 years.
  • The technology of obtaining silicate-calcium fillers with nanoelements and additives of polyfunctional action of construction purpose with a wide range of applications (cemented structural concrete, cellular cement and gas silicate concretes, dry construction mixtures (cement, gypsum), autoclave materials, liquid glass composites, as an element of 3-D printing technology) was developed.

Scientific interests

  • cement; 
  • silicate fillers; 
  • microdisperse calcium hydrosilicates with nanoelements.

Main Publications

  1. Ivashenko Y. G., Shoshin E., Timokhin D. K.Nanophase Formation of Portland Cement in the Presence of Disaccharides. // Procedia Engineering. 2016. Vol. 150. С. P. 1516-1524.

  2. Shoshin E., Ivaschenko Y. G.Physicochemical properties of silicate-calcium micro-filler obtained by thermolysis of calcium hydrosilicates stabilized with sucrose. // MATEC Web of Conferences. 2018. Vol. 251.

  3. SHoshin, E.A. Vliyanie prirody modifitsiruyuschego uglevoda na svojstva silikatnyh dobavok dlya tsementnyh sistem / E.A. SHoshin, V.V. Strokova // Stroitel'nye materialy. – 2019. – № 5. – p. 9–15. (In Russian)

  4. SHoshin E.A. Povyshenie effektivnosti tsementnyh betonov za schet primeneniya kompozitsionnogo vyazhuschego s silikat-kal'tsievoj dispersiej / E.A. SHoshin, V.V. Strokova, N.A. Kozlov, D.S. Gribkov // Mezhdunarodnoe analiticheskoe obozrenie ALITinform: TSement. Beton. Suhie Smesi. – 2019. – № 4(57). – p. 22–29. (In Russian)

  5. SHoshin E.A. Mekhanohimicheskaya tekhnologiya polucheniya effektivnogo napolnitelya na osnove opoki dlya tsementnyh vyazhuschih / SHoshin E.A., Strokova V.V. // Obogaschenie rud. – 2020. – № 6. – Is. 390. – p. 8–14. (Q2). (In Russian)

  6. Shoshin, E.A. Effect of Calcium Synthetic Hydro Silicate Additives on the Cement Systems’ Technological Characteristics / E. Shoshin, V. Strokova, D. Timokhin, A. Strakhov // Materials Science Forum – 2020. – Vol. 1011. – P. 59–65. (Q3) DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.1011.59 

  7. Shoshin E., Timokhin D. K., Strakhov A. V.Study of the Hydrosilicate Phases Formation Process of Portland Cement with Disaccharide Additives. // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 2020. Is. № 3. Vol. 753. №№ 3. С. 032010.