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Tikhomirova Elena Ivanovna

Tikhomirova Elena Ivanovna

Doctor of Biological Sciences , Professor
Head of the department of Ecology and Technosphere Safety
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Author (co-author) of more than 500 scientific papers, including 38 articles in journals indexed in the SCOPUS and WoS databases, 75 articles in journals from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, co-author of 12 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions and utility models and 2 Eurasian patents for inventions, 3 certificates for computer programs. 

Edited and co-authored, 4 monographs (co-authored), 5 collections of scientific papers on the results of international conferences, 1 textbook and 15 textbooks have been published. 

Head of the Scientific and Educational Center "Industrial Ecology" and the accredited testing laboratory center "EcoOS" of Gagarin Yu.A. Saratov State Technical University. 

Head of the Master's degree program of "Ecology and nature management", profile "Environmental safety"; head of the postgraduate course "Earth Sciences", scientific specialty 1.5.15 – ecology. 

Research supervisor for 25 Candidates and 1 Doctor of Biological Sciences. 

Head of the main scientific direction of SSTU 15B "Improvement of technologies for monitoring and forecasting the state of anthropogenic disturbed territories, prevention and elimination of their pollution". 

Under her leadership, 8 research and R&D projects were carried out within the framework of the state task of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, grants from the Federal Target Program, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, the Fund for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere. 

Member of the editorial boards of the journals: "Theoretical and Applied Ecology", "XXI century: results and prospects. Ecology series", "Chemical safety", "ELPIT Bulletin". 

Co-chairman and organizer of international scientific and practical conferences "Environmental problems of industrial cities", "Specially protected natural areas: past, present, future"; All-Russian scientific and public forum "Ecological Foresight". 

 Member of the Executive Directorate of the Federal Scientific and Educational Consortium "Advanced EcoTechnologies" on the basis of D.I. Mendeleev RCTU, Scientific and Methodological Council of the International scientific and Educational Consortium "Cadres for Green Economy" on the basis of RUDN, member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Federal Environmental Operator, member of the Commission on Ecology of the Public Council of Rosatom State Corporation, Public Council under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Saratov region, the Commission on Ecology of the Public Council of the Government of the Saratov Region.

Scientific interests

  • Environmental monitoring of territories;  
  • ecobiotechnology for the rehabilitation of polluted environments; 
  • climate-neutral waste management; 
  • environmental immunology, environmental epidemiology.

Honors and Awards

  • "Honorary worker of education", winner of the professional competition of scientific and pedagogical workers of educational institutions of higher education of the Saratov region "The Height Award". 

Main Publications

  1. Tikhomirova E.I., Plotnikova O.A., Atamanova O.V. et al. The use of multicomponent adsorption filters in water purification systems and luminescent control of ecotoxicant content // Theoretical and Applied Ecology. 2019. №1. С. 73-81. DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2019-1-073-081.
  2. Koshelev A.V., Tikhomirova E.I., Atamanovа O.V. The effect of modifying the bentonite adsorbent with glycerin on its structure and physicochemical properties // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2019. № 4. S. 85-90.  DOI: 10.1134/S0207401X19110062.
  3. Tikhomirova, E.I., Alekshashin, A.V., Koshelev, A.V., Atamanova, O.V. Development of technological solutions and methods for obtaining humic-mineral compositions for the tasks of recultivation of oil-contaminated areas //Theoretical and Applied Ecology. 2020(4).
  4. Plotnikova O.A., Mel’nikov A.G., Tikhomirova E.I., Adylova A.Zh. Matrix type effect on sorption concentration process and luminescent determination of pyrene // The European Physical Journal D. Chemical physics of ecological processes. Abstract Published:13 April 2020. http://link.springer.com/article/10.1134/S1990793120010261
  5. Tihomirova E.I., Aleksashin A.V., Koshelev A.V., O.V. Atamanova. Razrabotka tekhnologicheskih reshenij i sposobov polucheniya gumino-mineral'nyh kompozitsij dlya zadach rekul'tivatsii neftezagryaznyonnyh territorij // Teoreticheskaya i prikladnaya ekologiya.2020. №4. P. 203-209. DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2020-4-203-209. (In Russian)
  6. Tihomirova E.I. Obespechenie bezopasnosti sovremennyh proizvodstvennyh ob"ektov i sovershenstvovanie metodologii analiza riska kak neobhodimye usloviya ustojchivogo razvitiya chelovechestva // XXI vek: itogi proshlogo i problemy nastoyaschego plyus. 2020. V. 9. №1(49) P.3-5. (На русском)
  7. Tihomirova E.I., Efremova S.YU., Murav'eva A.A., SHarkov T.A. Analiz dejstvuyuschej normativno-pravovoj bazy v oblasti rekul'tivatsii zemel' //  XXI vek: itogi proshlogo i problemy nastoyaschego plyus. 2020. V. 9. №1(49) P.213-219. (In Russian)
  8. Khrushchev S. S., Drozdenko  Т.V., Plyusnina Т.Yu., Тimofeev I.V., Todorenko D.A., Tikhomirova E.I., Аntal Т.К. Heavy metal toxicity detection in phytoplankton by using neural network analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence induction // Theoretical and Applied Ecology. 2021. No. 2. P. 134-141. DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2021-2-134-141 
  9. 8. Plotnikova O.A., Mel'nikov G.V., Tihomirova E.I. Politsiklicheskie aromaticheskie uglevodorody: harakteristiki, istochniki, normirovanie, spektroskopicheskie metody opredeleniya (obzor) // Teoreticheskaya i prikladnaya ekologiya.2021. №4. P. 2–19. DOI: 10.25750/1995-4301-2021-4-012-019 (In Russian).