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Financial Control and anti-corruption Department

Financial Control and Anti-Corruption Department (hereinafter referred to as the Department) is a structural subdivision of the SSTU and was created with the aim of improving the efficiency of the management system, ensuring the legality and effectiveness of the use of financial and material resources, as well as carrying out activities to prevent corruption offenses and to control compliance with legislation of the Russian Federation in university activities.

The Department carries out its activities on the basis of the Statute on The Department, the regulations on the procedure for conducting inspections of subsequent financial control over the effective and targeted use of federal budget funds, funds from other income-generating activities (including grants) in the structural divisions of the SSTU.

The main tasks of the Department are to monitor:

  • targeted and effective use of state property, budgetary and extra-budgetary funds, non-financial resources;
  • implementation of the state task and the plan of financial and economic activity;
  • observance of the rights and social guarantees of students;
  • the validity and correctness of the documentation of the financial and economic operations performed, the reliability of their reflection in the reporting, the formulation and maintenance of accounting and budget accounting;
  • control for the observance by SSTU employees with prohibitions, restrictions and requirements established in order to combat corruption.

The Department develops and approves by order of the rector (acting Rector) of SSTU an annual plan for conducting inspections of the financial and economic activities of structural units in respect of which the functions and powers of the founder (Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation) are carried out by the university, on the basis of which it carries out control measures.