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International projects

eu_flag.jpg 1992-1993: Development of  the education in the field of social work in SSTU

1995-1999: University Management in Changing Society in Cooperation

1998-2001: Modern Economic Environment: Diffusion of Market Knowledge

1999-2003: Enhancing Professional Social Work Education in Russia

2003-2005: Formation Continue: Vecteur du Developpement de Povolgie

2005-2006: Financial management of universities reform

2005-2008: Foreign Language Education for Russian Technical Universities on the Volga

2007-2010: Russian Higher Education in Information Technology: an international approach

2009-2011:  Modernising Russian social work education and teaching

2009-2012: Advanced M.Sc. Program in Ecology for Volga-Caspian Basin

2011-2014: EU-PC Double Degree Master Program in Automation / Mechatronics

2014-2016: Joint European project TEMPUS «Enhancement of Russian creative education: new Master program in Digital Arts in line with EU standards»

2014-2016: Joint European project TEMPUS «PICTET: EQF-based professional ICT training for Russia and Kazakhstan»

2018-2021: Joint European project ERASMUS+ «SMARTCITY: Innovative Approach Towards a Master Program on Smart Cities Technologies»

2020-2021: Inter-institutional agreement ERASMUS+ Key action 1. Mobility for learners and staff. Higher Education Students and Staff Mobility with Aalen University, Germany