77 Politechnicheskaya street, Saratov, Russia, 410054

Express course for absolute beginners


  1. Russian alphabet. Introduction of new vocabulary. Rules of reading. Intonation in sentences.
  2. Noun. Gender of the noun. Affirmative, interrogative and negative sentences. Professions.
  3. Possessive pronouns my, your, his, her, our, your, their.
  4. Accusative case of personal pronouns. Construction "My name is".
  5. Plural of nouns.
  6. Verbs of the first conjugation. Present tense.
  7. Adjective.
  8. Verbs of the second conjugations. Present tense. Adverbs and adjectives.
  9. Accusative case of nouns. Topic "In a cafe".
  10. Adverbs of time. The expression of time in Russian language. Topic "My day".
  11. Numerals. The "How much does it cost?" construction. Genitive. Topic "In the store".
  12. Verb. Past tense. Dates.
  13. Verb. Future tense.
  14. Prepositional and accusative case of the place. Prepositions in and on. Topic "My room".
  15. Dative case.
  16. Verbs of motion: go/walk/drive/ride.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • read in Russian
  • ask simple questions in Russian and answer them
  • agree and disagree, express your opinion
  • introduce yourself in Russian, talk about yourself, your profession and hobbies
  • talk about your family
  • talk about professions
  • order meals in a restaurant
  • make purchases in a grocery store, clothing store, appliance store
Price: 150 €