77 Politechnicheskaya street, Saratov, Russia, 410054

Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Transport

Founded in 2019 on the base of former Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Contact info: tel. +7 (8452) 99-88-61, aak@sstu


  • Technology and Control Systems in Mechanical Engineering
  • Technical Mechanics & Mechatronics
  • Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering
  • Welding and Metallurgy
  • Engineering Geometry & CAD Systems
  • Transport Logistic, Traffic Safety and Automobile Servece



Study Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

Specialist Degree Programs Master Degree Programs Postgraduate Programs
  • Mechanical Engineering


Research Areas

  • Modeling, control and diagnostics of mechatronic systems, technological and biophysical processes
  • Nonlinear phenomena in multimode information and communication systems of optoelectronic type
  • Research and development of low-waste energy-saving technologies in manufacturing precision dual-use mechanical engineering products
  • Development of micro- and nanostructured biocompatible coatings of the osteointegration type for application of medical and technical products in implantology
  • Research-based design of rolling contact bearings in complex transport, space and other technical systems  with an increased service life using the software developed on its basis
  • Technologies and equipment for the synthesis of composite ion-plasma coatings with the nanodispersed hardened amorphous phase over the working surfaces of geometrically complex parts and products operating under extreme conditions
  • Advanced technological processes of electrophysical and thermomechanical processing and compounding materials with varied consumption