77 Politechnicheskaya street, Saratov, Russia, 410054

Institute of Applied Information Technologies & Communication

Since its founding in 1998, the Institute has excelled in teaching information technologies courses that will provide students significant job and career opportunities in business. 

The institute is considered a leader of information technologies education in the Volga region. It is wellequipped with technical facilities (modern computer labs, distributed grid technologies laboratory, Cisco network laboratory, virtual reality hardware and software), and digital television studio.

In partnership with computer hardware and software vendors the Institute offers the students training that satisfies both the Russian educational standards and high professional standards of Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Aptech, Adobe, Toon Boom Tech., Autodesk, Cisco, and EMC. In partnership with the leading European and Asian Universities, the Institute provides double-degree Master programs in Information Technologies, Software Engineering, Software & Hardware Development, Digital Arts. 

The Institute undergraduate and postgraduate students participate in international internship programs with the leading European universities and research centers in the framework of EU ERASMUS program.

The graduates of the Institute build successful IT careers both in Russia and worldwide, achieve high-ranking positions in prestigious computer companies, become CEOs and CIOs , and managers of creative companies.

Contact info: tel. +7 8452 99-87-15, 99-87-16, www.aptechsar.com, skumova@mail.ru

Departments and Divisions

  • Information and Communication Systems and Software Engineering
  • Applied Information Technology
  • Media Communications
  • Information Systems and Modeling
  • Training IT Center APTECH
  • International Education IT Centre
  • Kids Computer School
  • Kids Art School


Study Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

Computer Science and Computing Technology

Download study plan:
Computer Science and Computing Technology
Computer Science & Computing Technology

Information Systems and Technology

Download study plan: Information Systems and Technologies

Download study plan: Information Technologies in Media Industry

Applied Informatics

Download study plan: Applied Informatics

Software Engineering

Download study plan: Software Engineering

Advertising and Public Relations

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Download study plan: Technique and Technology of Television Production


Download study plan: Graphical design

Download study plan: Industrial design

Master Degree Programs

Postgraduate Programs
  • Computer Science and Computing Technology


Research Areas and Projects

  • Models and design methodology of artificial intelligence systems
  • Methods and software for data simulation and analysis
  • Development of discrete analysis methods to models and structures of information networks
  • Methods to secure quality and reliability of artificial intelligence systems
  • Development of design methods to artificial intelligence systems in poorly formalized subject areas for manufacturing and socio-economic problems
  • Development, modeling and analysis of new devices and methods in the areas of microand nanoelectronics, mechatronic, radioelectronic, information and telecommunication, biophysical and control systems
  • Models and methods relating information research systems and information security systems to solve scientific and technical problems in various application areas
  • Knowledge representation in artificial intelligence systems
  • Information and communication technology in the context of innovative approach to the development of socio-economic systems: economic efficiency and social benefits
  • Humanitarian engineering as a tool to the visual information design of a design space
  • International competition of computer projects for children and students “Digital Wind”
  • All-Russian Olympiad on three-dimensional speed modeling 3D Day – 3D Night