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Socio-Economic Institute students are studying in Germany

Socio-Economic Institute students are studying in Germany

Diana Smirnova and Elizaveta Trifonova, students of SSTU Socio-Economic Institute, began their studies at Aalen University (Germany) under the Erasmus + KA1 international academic mobility program, according to the plan of the international project Erasmus + KA1, dedicated to academic exchanges of students and teachers, which is carried out by SSTU and Aalen University (Germany), in the spring-summer semester 2021.

Diana Smirnova and Elizaveta Trifonova began their studies at Aalen University, and were admitted to the Faculty of Economics to study first online, and later, due to the weakening of coronavirus restrictions, they were able to go to Aalen for three months for full-time study. They study strategic management, digital competencies for business, intercultural management, basics of business systems management, German and other subjects. At the end of the semester, students will have to pass exams in the selected disciplines, as well as receive a report card with grades and a certificate confirming their studies at a German university.

During their stay abroad, girls study together with students from other countries, acquire new competencies, improve their knowledge of foreign languages ​​and get acquainted with other cultures.