77 Politechnicheskaya street, Saratov, Russia, 410054

Apurba Debnath – SSTU graduate and founder of the printing house

Apurba Debnath – SSTU graduate and founder of the printing house

Apurba Debnath was born in South Asia, the state of Bangladesh, but linked his personal life and professional career with Russia. He received a prestigious higher education in Saratov and opened his own business.

Apurba Debnath followed the example of his uncle, who has lived in Moscow for a long time. It was he who invited him to study in Russia. Saratov was his choice. In 2007, Apurba came to the city on the Volga, completed preparatory courses and entered Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov in 2008, majoring in advertising. In 2013 he graduated from the university and at the same time entered the master's program, which he subsequently graduated with honors.

"I like living in Saratov. It's comfortable, safe, interesting. My mom, dad, sister and other relatives live in Bangladesh. I keep in touch with them, we call each other. In Saratov, I have a wife and children, a business I am developing. It was here that I first saw snow, which left an indelible impression,"- he said.

During his studies, he mastered the Russian language well, obtained a sought-after specialty, and met students from Russia and other countries. Actively participated in city and university events, played in the KVN team, was a participant in the competition "Digital Wind" in 2009, which resulted in a prize. In 2011 he became the best university athlete in badminton. Apurba lived in the university dormitory, where everything was disciplined and strict. It was during his studies that he had the idea of opening his own printing house. In his words, "entrepreneurial flair" is in his blood.