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Foreign students about studying at SSTU

Foreign students about studying at SSTU
On June 12, the whole country celebrated Russia Day. On the eve of the celebration, we talked with the foreign students who had decided to study at Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov and asked them why they had chosen Russia and our university for this purpose.

Ганем (1).jpg Ghanem Mohamed Ali Abuzid Abdelmaksud

Entering the university, I, first of all, thought about the quality of education. I wanted to do something new and useful. Friends advised me to go to Russia. They said that I would be able to realize my potential there. At the beginning, I entered the study program «Oil and Gas Engineering», but then realized, that I am more interested in medicine. So, I switched on to the study program «Bioengineering Systems and Technologies». The teachers at the department are professional and responsive. Once I met a one-legged man on the street. After that case I decided to focus on prosthetics. The teachers supported my idea. They also helped me to use it in my thesis. Now I have to defend it, and I hope that everything will be all right.

qFUtAg4iGvM.jpg Abdelhafiz Ahmed Mohsen Mostafa

Entering the university, I had a choice between universities in different countries. I chose Russia, since my friends had already studied there, and spoke well of their studies. I knew for sure that I wanted to study medical devices and technology, to develop bionic prostheses. The first few years I studied at Penza State University, but then transferred to SSTU. The process of studying was interesting. There were some problems with the knowledge of the language, but the teachers and the groupmates helped me. I imagined my thesis from the very beginning. I wanted to make a bionic hand prosthesis, and that's what happened. The university teachers helped me during my work, so it was both difficult and interesting. The problem of prosthetics is now very relevant. We already have the opportunity to replace a damaged arm or leg completely, but such prostheses are not yet technically perfect enough. I hope that my thesis will find application and will be in demand, making the lives of many people easier.