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International students supported the performance of the student theater “Sturm”

International students supported the performance of the student theater “Sturm”

On February 17, international students watched a video performance of "Three Sisters" by “Sturm” student theater which will represent our region in the district finals of "Theatre of the Volga region" festival at the "Tochka Kipeniya" of Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov.

Anton Chekhov's classic play was interpreted by talented students of the technical university under the guidance of Aleksey Usov, a young creative director.

The play evoked the most vivid emotions and positive impressions in the audience, and left no one indifferent.

Aigerim Abdrakhman, a second-year master's student from the town of Baikonur (Kazakhstan), shared her opinion of the play: “The students sensitively and delicately portrayed the dramatic parts of the play, and did it on a high professional level. I was captivated by its emotionality, dynamism, sensuality. I liked the performance of the actors who tried to make each action of the play fascinating”.

Fouad Bougherara, a graduate student from Algeria, said that he has acted in theater, acted in films, participated in TV shows in his homeland, and therefore creative fulfillment is very important to him.

"Theater is a special kind of art. It is very nice that the theater movement is so developed in SSTU, uniting a large number of students. I enjoyed watching the video play "Three Sisters" and, of course, I will support the challenge "I watch the Volga Region Theatre", - said Fuad Bougherara.

Everyone is welcome to support the young artists. To participate in the Challenge, you need to shoot a video or photo while watching video versions of the finalists' performances on the website and post it on your Instagram or VKontakte page with the hashtags #ТеатральноеПриволжье, #театральноеприволжье64, #театральноеприволжье_Саратов.