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On 12th and 16th of November, foreign students at the Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov were vaccinated against COVID-19.

On 12th and 16th of November, foreign students at the Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov were vaccinated against COVID-19.

About 100 people from all institutes of the university were vaccinated with "Sputnik-Lite". According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the vaccination campaign is conducted at the expense of extra-budgetary funds. The Technical University found a way to provide everyone who wanted the vaccine free of charge.

Before vaccination the students underwent a compulsory examination by a doctor with temperature measurement, collection of epidemiological anamnesis, measuring saturation, pressure and pulse. The procedure was organized with the observance of all epidemiological safety measures.

On this day, the second stage of vaccination against COVID-19 was attended by Tatiana Kasaeva, Vice-Rector for the International Relations and Cooperation with the Authorities of the SSTU. According to her, "only vaccination will allow to overcome the unfavorable epidemiological situation."

"It is important that I did the vaccination not alone, but together with colleagues and students. Today was the first time international students received the vaccine on campus. Studies have long proven that in order to achieve collective immunity, it takes more than 70% of the population to be immune. However, the percentage of those vaccinated is still not high, and those who have had the disease do not contribute to collective immunity. As early as six months after illness, they lose their immune defenses and become targets for the virus again. Dear friends, I wish you all health, have strong immunity, take care of yourself and your loved ones," Tatiana Kasaeva said.

Foreign students also shared their impressions of vaccination process.

Shoho Epi Lorraine, a fourth-year student of the Institute of Social and Industrial Management of the SSTU and her cousin Yao David came to study at the Technical niversity from Africa. The young people believe it is necessary to make vaccination against the coronavirus compulsory.

"A lot of people around the world are dying because of COVID-19. Getting vaccinated will give me the necessary antibodies to fight the virus. I want to be healthy and move around safely, meet with friends, go to public places and have a special certificate with me. Of course, I recommend other students to get vaccinated and thus keep themselves and their loved ones safe," said Shoho Epi Lorraine.

Second-year students at the SSTU of Institute of Applied Information Technology and Communications, Francois Abeil Guemana and Kepeu Patern Joust, come from Cote d'Ivoire, one of the West African countries.

"Our world has a difficult situation with coronavirus infection. My family and friends who live in Africa have also been vaccinated. Everyone is afraid of COVID-19 and its dire consequences. I recommend everyone who has doubts to be sure to get vaccinated, wear masks and keep a social distance," said Francois Abeil Guemana.

The opinion of his classmates was agreed on by Elkafrawi student Roshdi Elsayed Ahmed, who came to Russia from Egypt. The young man believes that the vaccine is the only reliable way to avoid infection or a complicated course of the disease.

"If everyone gets vaccinated, it can stop the COVID-19 pandemic and save the lives and health of many millions of people. We shouldn't be afraid to get vaccinated, we should be afraid of getting seriously ill with coronavirus," he said.

We recall that those wishing to be vaccinated need to apply for vaccination or revaccination in advance to the directorate of their institute. The procedure takes place in the building of the first building of the Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov.

In the supporting university operates a special vaccination office, where employees and students of the university, as well as their families can get a vaccine against COVID-19 for free. The university administration does everything to make the procedure comfortable.