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SSTU begins cooperation with the Department of Education of the Akimat of West Kazakhstan region

SSTU begins cooperation with the Department of Education of the Akimat of West Kazakhstan region

During a working visit to Kazakhstan, a delegation from the SSTU held talks with the Department of Education of the akimat of the West Kazakhstan region in Uralsk.

The delegation of SSTU consisting of employees of International Communications Department: Head Evgeniya Tokareva, Deputy Head Ilya Terentyev and Director of IMST Alexey Kazinsky visited the Republic of Kazakhstan this week.

One of the main goals of the working visit to Kazakhstan was the development of interuniversity cooperation and vocational guidance work among school leavers and specialized secondary educational establishments.

As a result of negotiations with the Department of Education a road map for cooperation was formed, which will make it possible to present the educational programs of Saratov Polytechnic university for graduates of schools and colleges of the West Kazakhstan region. Uralsk needs specialists in engineering field, that is why cooperation with the leading technical university of the Volga region is important for the West-Kazakhstan region.

Within the framework of career-oriented work SSTU delegation visited a number of large schools and colleges of West Kazakhstan region, where representatives of the university held meetings with applicants. Students have been presented SSTU educational programs, told in detail about the conditions of admission and opportunities for further education of students from Kazakhstan.

Head of International Communications Department Evgeniya Tokareva told about the work on adaptation and socialization of foreign students during their studies in Russia, which is carried out by the department.

"International students of SSTU visit theaters, museums and attractions of Saratov region, actively participate in the scientific and creative life of the university. We always support and take care of international students. At present more than 500 international students from 38 countries study at Polytechnic. A significant part of them are students from Kazakhstan. They study at the bachelor's and master's level, there are also postgraduate students who are preparing to receive a scientific degree. Our friendship with Kazakhstan is facilitated by the absence of a visa regime between the countries, simplified migration procedures. There is a fairly large community of Kazakh students and graduate students in Saratov. And we will gladly welcome new students from Kazakhstan and do everything to make their studies in Russia comfortable and productive", - Evgeniya Tokareva said.