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SSTU expands the borders of international cooperation

SSTU expands the borders of international cooperation

Within the framework of strengthening ties with higher educational institutions of friendly CIS countries, there was an online meeting between the leadership of Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov and the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management of Kulyab (Tajikistan).

During the discussion participants discussed the prospects for cooperation between universities in education and science. Greetings to the Tajik partners on behalf of the Acting Rector of the University, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Education of Russian Federation Sergey Naumov gave the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Government Relations Tatiana Kasaeva. She also spoke about the experience of cooperation with institutions of higher education in other countries. SSTU successfully implements applied research, joint educational projects, double degree program, academic exchange of teachers and students and other forms of cooperation with international partners.

"In the face of new challenges, only through effective cooperation can we promote science and education, achieve success and goals. I hope that our cooperation will be multifaceted and will not be limited to teaching students, but will include all areas of university activities and will give impetus to the development of science-intensive promising technologies," - said the Rector of ITIM Almossho Shoev.

It is relevant for the best graduates of Kulyab ITIM to continue their education and scientific work at master's and postgraduate programs in the directions, which are implemented in Saratov State Technical University.

"Scientific schools and directions of SSTU postgraduate studies aroused a special interest of Tajik colleagues. Preparation of foreign postgraduate students for SSTU is already an established practice. Now we have graduate students from Algeria, Iraq, Canada, Kazakhstan. I am sure that our joint work will be productive", - Tatiana Kasaeva commented.