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SSTU makes friends with scientists and students from Belarus

SSTU makes friends with scientists and students from Belarus

Every year on April 2, the Day of Unity of the People of Russia and Belarus is celebrated. On this day in 1996 the presidents of the two states signed a treaty "On the formation of the Community of Russia and Belarus". The signing marked the beginning of the process of mutual integration of the countries.

In SSTU not only Belarusian students are trained, but also there is active scientific cooperation between scientists of the two countries.

The first-year student of the Institute of Urbanism, Architecture and Construction of SSTU Alexander Rotfus came to Saratov from the Belarusian city of Khotimsk. He explained why he chose to study in Russia:

"I made a decision to get higher education here, because Russian higher education is highly rated in friendly Belarus. It is not easy to choose the university where you will spend your student years. SSTU has everything for a student to find himself or herself, to reach his or her potential, studying in any specialty. I made the right choice. I am sure that the knowledge, skills and competencies that I will get at Polytechnic, will help me to become a sought-after specialist in my field."

"When I was an applicant, I was considering many universities in Russia. I chose SSTU because it is a well-known and large technical university of the country. I feel comfortable in Russia, the brotherly people are well treated here. My fellow students are ready to help at any time. I sincerely hope that the military operation that is now taking place in Ukraine will soon be over, and its result will be one - the civilians who were forced to leave the DPR and LPR will be able to find a safe and peaceful life in their homeland. The most important thing now is not to lose the younger generation. President of Russia is doing everything so that our brotherly people have a prosperous future", - said Vladislav Pastushenko, 4th year student of Politech, who came to Saratov from Belarusian city of Rechitsa to study.

The staff of the department "Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering named after A. Andryushchenko" of Institute of Power Engineering of SSTU actively cooperate both in science and project activities with the colleagues of the department "Thermal Power Plants" of the Belarusian National Technical University.

"The work on defense of theses and dissertations, we take part, including full-time participation, in the work of scientific international conferences, we discuss joint projects in the framework of grants of scientific funds. This year we plan to prepare a joint application for a grant of the Russian Science Foundation and participate in the international scientific and technical conference "Modern scientific and technical problems of heat power engineering and ways of their solutions," dedicated to the memory of A. Andryushchenko," shared plans of cooperation with the Belarusian colleagues, the head of the department, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Andrey Sokolov.