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SSTU won prizes at Saratov Student Spring 2021

SSTU won prizes at Saratov Student Spring 2021

The Student Spring is the program for the support and development of students’ creativity in Russia, which is carried out in the form of a competition. Every year the Student Spring ends with a competition concert.

On April 26, a gala concert of the regional festival “Saratov Student Spring-2021: Age of Pioneers” was held among higher education institutions of the Saratov region. For several weeks, students of higher educational institutions of the region demonstrated their performances to the festival jury in the areas of "Choreography", "Vocal", "Theatrical art", "Special genre" and others. The winner of the festival was determined by summing up the number of points based on the results of all performances.

This year the regional festival is timed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin first space flight. In Saratov region more than 30 thousand students took part in the festival.

According to the results of the competition, SSTU students awarded with:

  • The Grand Prix of the "Special Genre" direction was given to the acrobatic group "Balance Team";
  • II place - in the nomination "concert program of the university";
  • III place - in the nomination "overall standings in all performances".

The concert was attended by the Governor of the Saratov Region Valery Radaev. He wished all the participants further creative success.